All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @proudteuchter: RT @proudteuchter: Labour voters all over England waking up this morning and asking themselves "what's the point" #snp @theSNP #GE15 #bbcqt

RT @Suzemclaughlin: RT @Suzemclaughlin: Be honest now Labour supporters, Who did you prefer on #bbcqt tonight? @TommySheppard or @ChukaUmunna? Who has real soc…

RT @AngrySalmond: RT @AngrySalmond: I wonder how many of the politicians on Twitter run parody accounts? #bbcqt

RT @jnross9: RT @jnross9: London ruling over Scotland is absolutely fine. But how dare Scotland have any sort of influence at Westminster. #bbcqt #Vote…

RT @nataliemcgarry: RT @nataliemcgarry: Listen to this though, from London, #bbcqt obsessed by Scotland's voting intentions. If ever we can make an impact, it'…

RT @AngrySalmond: RT @AngrySalmond: Tempted to intervene during Thursday's #BBCQT and lay the smackdown on Nigel Farage. #SexySocialism

RT @AngrySalmond: RT @AngrySalmond: I guess if you can't invade other countries, you can blame them for your problems. #Bbcqt #SexySocialism

RT @AngrySalmond: RT @AngrySalmond: Matt Forde is proof that Labour-supporting comedians are not funny and detrimental to society. #BBCQT #SexySocialism

RT @AngrySalmond: RT @AngrySalmond: Politicians shouldn't be angry. They should be more like me. #BBCQT #SexySocialism