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Bill Bowman MSP (unknown) tweeted :

Headline says it all. Today’s news shows yet another example of Nicola Sturgeon’s poor judgement. Only ⁦@RuthDavidsonMSP⁩ and the ⁦@ScotTories⁩ will force Sturgeon back to the day job.…

Bill Bowman MSP (unknown) tweeted :

I have written in today’s Daily Mail about how those who are self-employed are struggling due to years of the SNP’s anti-business policies.

Home education day 4. Today’s lesson: English comprehension. An appropriate choice of reader:…

Peace, love, understanding and common humanity. These are the concepts being championed at today’s @ScotParl reception for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. It was a privilege to say a few words in rejection of extremism and rejection of hate.

Everyday sexism still alive and well in political coverage by the Scottish tabloid press- my column in today’s Edinburgh Evening News:…

SNP Ministers desperately trying to delete crisis from today’s @ScotParl Mental Health Debate. Under the SNP 30% of children in Scotland needing help are not being seen within the 18 weeks waiting time target with many more waiting over a year. We need action now from the SNP.

Neil Findlay MSP (Labour) tweeted :

Good piece in today’s Herald telling it like it is not as some would wish it is…

Two images ensure of today’s events Neither to do with pageantry nor politics. One was that of people lining the streets in honour of a young policeman killed doing his duty, the other of football fans making fascist salutes to football players. There is still much wrong to right

My favourite pic from yesterday’s #dailymile @SandersonsWynd - I had excellent company! 😊I’m off out to do today’s shortly....🏃‍♀️

Lovely afternoon in #Newhaven for today’s mural unveiling with @DeidreBrock @CllrEleanorBird @LeithHNCC @edinburghcoll & talented artists from @TrinityAc_Edin ☀️