All deleted tweets from politicians

@CraigYates There’s lot of shouting and efling! Lol 😂

@daranhill Jeez Wales, 40-odd completely knackered holding these guys to account day in, day out, knowing there’s more evidence they could get if there were more hours in the day. Know how frustrating it is when WG won’t accept they’re accountable. Media: report more Opposition scrutiny

@alysgriffiths_ @WoodallDr There’s some at home for you 😊

Incomprehsibly, given performances in regional rugby, Wales ARE better than France. There’s no mystery. Ill-informed comments from @CliveWoodward about Wales lacking depth feeds the underdog myth. But Wales are good, competitive and an obvious contender for Six Nations Champions.

There’s less than a day to go until ballots close. Please don’t miss your chance to choose change. Vote #EM4FM before 12pm on Monday 3rd December! #ElectEluned #Labour #WelshLabour

@lyntaff Don’t think there’s time in a tweet, but insensitivity in light of Pittsburg is a starter for ten.