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@simonbwilson I’m surprised Simon that you would lower your tone like this. I’ve always found you on a personal level respectful and polite to deal with. The title was created by the Editor of Mahurangi Matters who like me is surprised and disappointed at your interpretation.

I’ve helped launch a campaign to “Save Phar Lap” - our local Timaru racecourse earmarked for closure in the Government’s Messara report. To save Phar Lap we need your help. Please LIKE, SHARE and SIGN the petition at

RT @MarkDiStef: The Clarke & Dawe on asylum seekers has more insight on Australians and the topic than anything I’ve ever read…

Kiri Allan (unknown) tweeted :

My mum is at home crook. She decided to watch Parliament TV all day and I’ve had a running commentary on everything from when I need to tidy my shirt through to sentence structures that are relatively cohesive. She’s the best, cheerleader ever. 👯‍♀️

I’ve been shocked by the nightmare families have gone through with Funded Family Care, and as Acting Associate Health Minister I’m delighted to be part of a new Government showing aroha and compassion.

RT @backt0nature: One of the best things I’ve seen in awhile. They use the same pink dye that is attached to stolen bank notes. This makes…

@MatthewHootonNZ I’ve met you. You aren’t my friend.

RT @amyadamsMP: Good to see confirmation of what I’ve been saying since Budget day - that the Govt has borrowed $6.5bn more than core metri…

RT @Kieran_McAnulty: I think I’ve done something foolish. I just bought a heater at Briscoes that wasn’t on special.

Marja Lubeck (unknown) replied to @spat106 :

@spat106 @FoxyLustyGrover Stefan: I’ve come in dis pear