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RT @EmmaMcInnes: Love that at the end of the #arewethereyet women’s suffrage exhibition, there’s Kate and her lady bike gang.…

@Paulschilis That is a gradual redistribution to bring us back to the levels of forestry we had in 2002. There’s no Govt policy encouraging high-value pastoral land to be planted in pine trees. Much of what’s circulating is based on misinformation the opposition is helping to spread.

RT @JimmyNeesh: That hurts. Hopefully there’s a day or two over the next decade where I don’t think about that last half hour. Congratulati…

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

There’s some blurry lines going on here with the TWG chair Michael Cullen! 🧐🤨👎🏻

@reedfleming @MattKingMP @Kippering @simonjbridges “Breaking news: National admits there’s a housing crisis Tuesday, 16 May 2017, 1:55 pm”

Kiri Allan (unknown) replied to @KiriAllan :

@DairyNZ @m_herbert @Sam_Sheppo @nzlabour Then other governments and the fact that there’s a ridiculous spin that the opposition did a better job for provinces of primary industries is a crock. Take Zespri single desk for kiwifruit, Fonterra for Dairy. done under @nzlabour and led by MPs from the rural sector. #FactCheck

Marja Lubeck (unknown) tweeted :

But wait there’s more. @priyancanzlp @chrishipkins Louisa Wall @PeeniHenare

Marja Lubeck (unknown) tweeted :

But wait there’s more. @priyancanzlp @chrishipkins Louisa Wall

James Shaw (green-party) tweeted :

I’m in Singapore where there’s lots of interest in the #ZeroCarbonBill. Popped into @BBCAsia to talk about it

RT @ChrisEichbaum: Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a reliable public transport system. GWRC has to do better than this. It erodes confi…