All deleted tweets from politicians

Marjolein Faber (pvv) retweeted @DVATW :

RT @DVATW: Imagine if Christians targeted mosques during Ramadan and tried to kill as many Muslims as possible. The media would go ballistic. Consider the slaughter of Christians in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday and reflect on the supine silence from the politicians.

RT @Hamlet28741041: 🚨HUNDREDS OF CHRISTIANS KILLED IN NIGERIA But nobody talks about it, much less kneels, because the killers are blacks and muslim⚠️‼️☢️⚠️

RT @NevinShams: RT @NevinShams: @Assimalhakeem Sheikh is this clothing prohibited to wear bcoz it have a crosses which Christians have. Am confused https:/…

RT @Imamofpeace: Pakistan was crying last month about Mohammad Cartoons, and now they’re killing Christians. They’re murderers with a deck of victim cards, playing them everywhere they go. Deport the Pakistani Ambassador in the name of human rights.…

RT @96bdffa7cb624ef: The pope flies to greece to tell christians to love muslims, why doesn't he fly to Gaza to tell muslims to love christians @sassysassyred…

René Dercksen (pvv) retweeted @KTHopkins :

RT @KTHopkins: RT @KTHopkins: Culturally appropriate social housing for Christians. Imagine the outrage. #saferinsyria

René Dercksen (pvv) retweeted @KTHopkins :

RT @KTHopkins: Breaking. Scotland Yard say driver mowing people down at #NaturalHistory not terror. Was racist christians attacking his car from underneath