All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Malfunctionin14: RT @Malfunctionin14: @georgegalloway @SocialistVoice I bet more people ask him why he isn’t in jail.

RT @Malfunctionin14: @BobSmithWalker @georgegalloway @ExpressandStar @tom_watson Can’t argue with you. West Brom voted leave, Tom isn’t reflecting that vote in his latest scam. West Brom E deserves better.

RT @AdamRutherford: Notting Hill Carnival has an arrest rate about the same as Glastonbury, and 7 times lower than Creamfields. Isn’t it weird that everyone goes on about how criminal it is? What could the difference possibly be? I guess we will never know 🤷🏽‍♂️…

RT @Malfunctionin14: @lord_truman @georgegalloway ..if this isn’t just the worst, scariest horror movie being constructed by the Establishment or secret state to terrorise us, I really don’t know what it is... #HuntvsBoris #Establishmentwinwin

RT @sahouraxo: Protests turn violent as the police deploy water cannons and tear gas on unarmed protesters. This isn’t Russia nor Venezuela. But Paris, France. So it won’t be plastered everywhere on Western media. #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes

RT @sahouraxo: Tens of thousands of #YellowVests protesters march across France today for the 13th weekend in a row. This isn’t taking place in Russia, Syria, or even Venezuela, which means most mainstream media outlets won’t be paying too much attention. #GiletsJaunes

RT @James4Labour: Isn’t it interesting: The anti-Corbyn mob would rather abuse & attack @AaronBastani, because he’s a Corbyn supporter, than highlight & condemn the real issue of “13,000 ex veterans who are homeless”, which they overlook. Their faux outrage is nauseating. Labour? My arse!

RT @James4Labour: You can’t say “this isn’t about Corbyn” when you’ve spent the last three years attacking Corbyn. We judge you on what you have shown us. You set the ‘Get Corbyn’ agenda. Not us. Sorry if we now don’t believe you when you do something that is so easily seen to undermine.

RT @prohibition_p: “Rather than sitting around saying this isn’t the way we do things, we need to think how we can do this” @CarlyJBarton on how medical cannabis patients are driving reform in the UK. #CannabisNews #MedicalCannabis…

RT @RT_sputnik: “Putting a remainder in charge of Brexit is a bit like putting a vegan in charge of a steakhouse, isn’t it? What’s the point? But that’s where we are at the minute” @PatrickChristys Tune int to @RT_com at 13.30, 19.30, 23.30 FreeView 234/Sky 511