All deleted tweets from politicians

Sadiq Khan (Labour) tweeted :

I’ll be on @BBCRadio4 shortly to give my reaction to yesterday’s appalling terrorist attack on innocent Londoners and the bravery of the ordinary Londoners who confronted the terrorist. You can listen live here:

RT @MoggMentum: Boris bounces 10 points ahead with Ipsos Mori. Reinforcing yesterday’s 10 point lead with YouGov… One thing is certain, Boris must deliver Brexit if he wants to maintain this lead. #BackBoris #BorisBounce…

RT @KevinRothrock: By lying to the media, Babchenko and the Ukrainian authorities have made fools of everyone who reported yesterday’s “murder.” I apologize to all my followers for circulating what turns out to be total baloney. The lesson here is to distrust reports from Ukraine.

RT @K_IngalaSmith: It’s bittersweet seeing headlines today’s re yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on police accountability. This isn’t about making police pay. It is about expecting them to treat rape sexual &domestic violence victims seriously & with respect. It’s about the police doing their job