All deleted tweets from politicians

@JohnMphatsoe Esh. I will let not this drag me down or obsess about it, it’s not like I’ve been caught stealing public money in a PPE scandal

@fouche_sarita @DrMan_Hat_Tan I’ve never harassed a woman. You the one liking for attention. Dumb woman!

IG:LeighMathys (EFF) replied to @Phasha_M_ :

@Phasha_M_ @Mkne_ @RediTlhabi 😆 but I’ve always been tough AND teary hardly calm & quiet though. Those who I’ve worked with since day 1 know so 😉 suppose I’ve changed gears on social media 🙈

@Gosebo_Mathope Hey Mtase! I’m around. I’ve been sick? Where’s the 11% to make that a 100%?

I’ve made a step-by-step video to show Minister Patel how easy e-commerce is & sent him a book ‘E-commerce, a South African perspective’ using it. Maybe this will answer questions he still has as theres simply no reason for the continued ban on e-commerce

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) tweeted :

Her: Aren’t you bored? Me: Never, I’ve never been bored. When I run out of things to do I lay on the bed, put long pencils between my toes and draw pictures on the ceiling.

I’ve whatsapped @the_dti Minister Ebrahim Patel asking for him to refer me to the relevant section in the amended regulations. I suspect it might be a while before I get this.…

I’ve Whatsapped the Minister asking him to tell me where in the regulations this is stated. Let’s see if I get a response.

I’ve never quite understood how people are happy to enjoy all the trappings of political office and power and then when it’s taken away, they leave because they weren’t happy with the ‘trajectory’ of the the organisation but said nothing up to that point.

Mzwandile Masina (ANC) tweeted :

I’ve just read a disturbing story on the front page of @sundayworld and I’m asking myself where is President of the ANCWL Mme Bathabile Dlamini @shahlesonke? It will be interesting to see the reaction