All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @rinmor: Hi @Newzroom405 you do realize that’s there’s been an act of local terrorism in Durban ... bombed/sabotaged water reservoir ...…

The truth is, I was sneezing here. That’s the truth !!

That’s why they sent Solly at the backbench of the GP legislature... he failed #DAManifesto

Michael Waters (DA) replied to @BDliveSA :

@BDliveSA That’s the ANC own poll not an indigent poll which came out yesterday showing them on 44%.

@BigVicSA BS. That’s a creation of your own imagination. Come back when you have actual evidence. PS not that it matters or is any of your business but I am married to a white man. Next time think before you tweet.

RT @Reagoikanya: @AndileMlondo the praise singers and bootlickers are saying that’s nothing but fear mongering nonsense to paint uBaba bad.

RT @OmphileMaotwe: Comrades please come and take your Gogo Angie. Rona we are @YolzYako , young, beautiful and intelligent and that’s what…

The @MYANC opposes it’s Goverments and Presidents plan to unbundle Eskom. That’s why ANC stands for African National CONFUSION.

@SizweDhlomo Blessed with hair, that’s what is happening Chief. Uphethwe ngumona 👀

The #EFFManifesto is a Bible of the poor and the marginalized. They call it a wishlist. That’s because they don’t know poverty or they’ve grown too distant to it. SA has forgotten its children