All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @OmphileMaotwe: Comrades please come and take your Gogo Angie. Rona we are @YolzYako , young, beautiful and intelligent and that’s what…

The @MYANC opposes it’s Goverments and Presidents plan to unbundle Eskom. That’s why ANC stands for African National CONFUSION.

@SizweDhlomo Blessed with hair, that’s what is happening Chief. Uphethwe ngumona 👀

The #EFFManifesto is a Bible of the poor and the marginalized. They call it a wishlist. That’s because they don’t know poverty or they’ve grown too distant to it. SA has forgotten its children

@KgosiMalatsi Fundisisa kahle be bhutiza, I tried compassion but that’s clearly a language you don’t understand so let’s try this: fokof emzimbheni wam’, hamba uyonya. ❤️😘

That’s not to say I will always be a willing punchbag. I too, am human & won’t tolerate being abused. So masinga jwayelani kabi

This is a handing over of a a house by Sondelani branch ward 31 - that’s political activism. ANC branches taking initiatives to assist and support those in need within their community -#ThumaMina

The land distribution process will NIT be a bed of roses. It will be hard, it will be painful. That’s what happens when you try to undo a hard and painful system like Apartheid. But if all patriotic South Africans understood the agenda, we’ll sail through it.

@MaxduPreez And I’m sure that’s where Cyril will exert himself and all will be cleared up? That’s were we got it all wrong, everything up to now was part of the plan.

RT @PearlThusi: Fill up trending regardless of who’s side you’re on is still a win for Cassper. That’s the funny part of this entire debacl…