All deleted tweets from politicians

She wanted Savanna kanti iphelile, samzamela iCorona

David Maynier MP (DA) tweeted :

Former Mozambican finance minister wanted in US to remain in custody in SA via @News24…

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) tweeted :

That cleansing ceremony is doing the things we wanted done for so long. #OccupyCiftonBeach #OccupyCampsBay #EFFAntiRacismPicnic

Derek Hanekom (ANC) retweeted @YusufPeer1 :

RT @YusufPeer1: Agree and I'm with CR - will attend my bgm with same view. Just wanted to tally numbers…

RT @AdvBarryRoux: Wanted Thug if you see/ know his whereabouts call the police. Retweet For Awareness

President Ramaphosa: She died at a time when we would have wanted her to unlock the potential of our oceans as she was passionate in that space. #MolewaFuneral

RT @lesterkk: The National Assembly unanimously ratifies the extradition treaty between South Africa and UAE. Wanted individuals in Dubai…

Makashule Gana (DA) retweeted @TumiTGP :

RT @TumiTGP: @Makashule is he the guy that wanted to bring us those fancy trains in Soweto and Jeff Radebe shut him down?

Hade Makhosi kunyiwa macala , i really wanted you to win tonite to put a bit of pressure on others. AMAKHOSIVsSportsport

RT @puksie1: You will always remember you. Every young girl wanted to be you and me included. #RIPLeboMathosa…