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SNP MSP, H&I region, Minister for Children & Young People. Tweets mostly fun, email for work. Pharmacist, foodie & rugby fan. What’s the female for family man?

RT @SebolaiMolefe: @BantuHolomisa @News24 This ANC NEC & ANC NWC are all just wasting time though. It’s just meeting after meeting...what’s so difficult in telling this gangster story to fokof

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RT @S1pho: @tito_mboweni Well what’s new, it’s ANC DNA to be apartheid apologists and brown nosing. If Bosasa debacle is anything to go by, Voting ANC is simply putting a sophisticated version of National Party in power.

RT @rea_chikane: Dear Minister @MbalulaFikile, thank you for granting me the opportunity to work with you,what’s most inspiring is that our team is made up of young people mainly. Thank you Leader. Enjoy Fathers & Youth Day. #youthempowerment #june16

RT @tito_mboweni: ⁦@City_Press⁩ forgot to speak to me. I hope there is nothing untoward there! I don’t know what’s in the story. It might be good or not so nice.

@Briantkhumalo Who said it would? What’s wrong with you?

What’s going to happen to all these small businesses that work in these sectors? Terrifying thought. #livesANDlivlihoods

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RT @SizweDhlomo: RT @SizweDhlomo: I don’t know what’s worse, breaking the law to visit your friend or your friend posting it on social media! ◽

Why does ESKOM announce when there’ll be no load shedding. That’s what’s supposed to happen. I thought they were announcing load shedding because it was an anomaly. Now it looks like doing what they’re supposed to do is also an anomaly. These are the levels reached

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RT @floletoaba1: Here’s the WhatsApp message I just received threatening me from @TammyTaylorSA owner Mel with a video of what’s supposed to be great work. This is after the call with the woman laughing on the other end of the line @wendyknowler I’ll be in touch re: consumer harassment.

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RT @Malodeity: RT @Malodeity: What’s going on in South Africa guys? ◽