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RT @DocPakistan: RT @DocPakistan: BREAKING: Death toll in shooting in Central Moscow near FSB HQ climbs to three - reports

RT @IamUmer1: RT @IamUmer1: I find out how forced return of Afghan refugees is breaking up marriages and dividing families, for @refugeesdeeply https://t…

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: Big story breaking: Amit Shah's NRC that everyone is fearing -- did you know work on it has *already* begun? More details soon on @scroll_in.

RT @tufailelif: RT @tufailelif: my piece: Haji Ali Dargah ruling is path-breaking as court relied on Constitution, not Quran… https:…

RT @IamYasif: Heart breaking scenes from Indian Capital New Delhi where police is torturing muslims. Enough is enough, we Arabs have to stop #Islamophobia_In_India and raise voice for Kashmiri brothers now #RSS_KillingMuslims.

RT @zarakkhan257: "Constitution unite all the ethnicities of Pak. If someone break the constitution then that person is breaking the link that unite us. If it is islam that unite us then all of Pakistan should be merged in Saudi Arabia because it is the centre of islam". Manzoor pashteen

@anamhameed @ZameerAMalik Correct! Moreover, please don’t share just about every breaking news or story until it’s verified! These are extraordinary times and people are already in distress! Let’s be caring and careful 🙏🏻 #COVIDー19 #PakistanVsCorona

RT @AylinaKilic: RT @AylinaKilic: #BREAKING: Prague court rejects Turkish extradition requests for former #PYD leader Salih Muslim, closing his case. https:…

RT @MiamiHerald: BREAKING UPDATE: The U.S. State Department is warning U.S. citizens not to take cruises, delivering what could be a major blow to one of South Florida’s largest industries.

RT @spectatorindex: RT @spectatorindex: BREAKING: Iran says two of the people who carried out attack on Revolutionary Guards were Pakistani.