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Wishing a Merry Christmas to all Christians in Pakistan & everyone celebrating around the world. Don't forget to keep yourselves & others safe by observing COVID-19 SOPs. #Christmas2020

RT @AyresAlyssa: RT @AyresAlyssa: Hindu Group Claims Christians Tried Forced Conversions in India

RT @revnate: RT @revnate: Spurned by U.S. and Facing Danger Back Home, Iranian Christians Fear the Worst…

RT @bimani: #Christians on the forefront of #Arbaeen2017 in Karbala, Iraq, where The 3rd Shia Imam, Houssein, was slaughtered on Oct 10, 680 CE.

RT @sahouraxo: Breathtaking: Al-Hawash in the Valley of Christians, Homs. All over #Syria, Christmas celebrations brightly emerge where Al-Qaeda used to be

RT @USCIRF: While some #Yazidis, Christians, and other religious and ethnic minorities in #Iraq have begun the long process of returning home and rebuilding, many others remain displaced and suffering. Read more about in Iraq in #UscirfAnnualReport2020:

RT @intlspectator: Average years of schooling by religion, global. Jews: 13.4 Christians: 9.3 Unaffiliated: 8.8 Buddhists: 7.9 Muslims: 5.6 Hindus: 5.6 (Pew)

RT @USCIRF: USCIRF welcomes the acquittal of 42 Pakistani #Christians (2 of whom died while in prison) and urges #Pakistan govt to release all those wrongly imprisoned simply because of their faith.

RT @CliffordDMay: RT @CliffordDMay: ISIS protecting Christians? Only a commission set up by the UN could be so baldly disingenuous. Nina Shea tells all: http…

RT @asimusafzai: RT @asimusafzai: #Blasphemy laws HinduMarriages Forced #Hindu conversions #Ahmadiyya kafir #Christians sweepers So who is the enemy? https…