All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @n_achak: RT @n_achak: #PauloCoelho earned title of Muslim 4rm #IK 4 Alchemist & he'll be termed Kafir if IK comes 2 know abt "11 minutes" @a_siab @K…

RT @JeffreyGoldberg: I'm very pleased to announce that George Packer is joining @TheAtlantic as a staff writer. He'll be covering all the things that George Packer covers.

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

Imran Khan completely failed in fulfilling his promises He promised that he'll not go to IMF but he went He Increased Prices demolished Houses #GE2018 Election was rigged voters rejected him #ImranYouHaveFailed

RT @pmlnsmw: They shud've learnt their lesson by now. Everytime u try to destroy NS, he'll back even stronger #StayStrongNawazSharif #قدم_بڑھاؤ_نوازشریف…

PM NS undergoing open heart surgery on Tuesday. Prayers are the most effect & potent medicines. Millions will pray for him. IA he'll be fine