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RT @DrPAhad: There’s science behind resilience we can use to help kids dealing w toxic #stress & #trauma, especially in war zones. We have the capability to measure #resilience by how kids’ brains, immune systems, and genes respond to stressful experiences. #therapy…

RT @JustinTrudeau: There’s a strong link between women’s meaningful involvement in peace operations & achieving sustainable peace. It’s why we launched the Elsie Initiative, which is increasing the number of women peacekeepers. And today in Dakar, we spoke about what else we can do to support them.

@cool_mind359 There’s justification for promulgating ordinances this way!There’s a clear situation mentioned in the Constitution as to when an ordinance can be promulgated. Moreover, it’s disregard for the legislature &disbelief in democratic norms!Differences apart, plz read the Constitution

RT @jialriyami: If there’s any FEMALE engineer or know of any who is seeking a job and willing to work in the desert/field for an oil & gas company, please dm me for your CV’s or more information. Please retweet to let anyone know.

RT @salarzai_: If the Tribal areas are opened to tourists, there’s no place else they’d want to visit in Pakistan. Such is the beauty of the area.…

Husain Haqqani (pakistan) tweeted :

All have. Some people just forget and think there’s something new each time.

RT @dhume: .⁦@husainhaqqani⁩: There’s little evidence to suggest that the Taliban are anything other than a totalitarian Islamist movement. Continuing talks without concessions from them has heightened their intransigence. v ⁦@WSJopinion⁩…

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

He has said something and apologised and despite those remarks were unfortunate as there’s no bigger personality thn our beloved prophet

There’s still time to correct the housing project to realistic values so that it can work out. They way @shazbkhanzdaGEO dissected @SaleemFarrukh it’s clear PTI doesn’t have a plan but an illusion only which is directly dependant on curbing corruption, nothing concrete or doable.

RT @NadeemfParacha: There’s not been a fair election since 1970. But this particular election has taken the cake. I believe PTI would’ve won even on a level playing field. But not with the over-cooked mandate it was handed. The (over)enthusiasts have turned this into an easily disputed victory.