All deleted tweets from politicians

IK used to say if there’s train crash railways misnister should be sacked. If there’s a plane crash aviation minister should be sacked. Now he blames pilot & airtraffic controler for PIA crash.Victim blaming & scapegoatism must end.We demand independent inquiry.Minister must go.

@cool_mind359 There’s justification for promulgating ordinances this way!There’s a clear situation mentioned in the Constitution as to when an ordinance can be promulgated. Moreover, it’s disregard for the legislature &disbelief in democratic norms!Differences apart, plz read the Constitution

Husain Haqqani (pakistan) tweeted :

All have. Some people just forget and think there’s something new each time.

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

He has said something and apologised and despite those remarks were unfortunate as there’s no bigger personality thn our beloved prophet

There’s still time to correct the housing project to realistic values so that it can work out. They way @shazbkhanzdaGEO dissected @SaleemFarrukh it’s clear PTI doesn’t have a plan but an illusion only which is directly dependant on curbing corruption, nothing concrete or doable.

There’s no joy in Moscow after tough talk from Trump appointees…