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RT @RebHarms: Let’s repeat it: Journalism is not a crime. But young journalist Aysenur Parildak suffers in solitary confinement since 3 yea…

Hilde Vautmans (EU) tweeted :

Let’s all hope @guyverhofstadt will become the next president of the European Parliament. He more than deserves it, he is Europe! 🇪🇺

Hilde Vautmans (EU) tweeted :

Aangekomen in Straatsburg. Klaar voor de start van een nieuwe legislatuur! Let’s do this! #straatsburg #start #5years #art #“The abduction of Europe”

@marc_rennard Hmmm. Let’s ask @holland_tom, shall we? He writes about Muslim Spain.

RT @toadmeister: Donations to @NoahCarl90’s crowdfunded lawsuit against @StEdmundsCam are already over $27,000. Please RT and let’s get it…

Theresa Griffin MEP (EU) tweeted :

Prof Jim Skea tells us that Scotland aims reach carbon neutrality by 2045 - let’s hope its ambition is followed by the right measures towards a #JustTransition

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

Let’s just get on with it.…

RT @RenewEurope: Congratulations to @CiolosDacian, our new Group leader! Let’s #RenewEurope!

Vicky Ford MP (EU) tweeted :

yes! In 1989 it was Margaret Thatcher who first sounded climate change alarms at the UN In 1919 let’s thank @theresa_may for making sure ending climate change is her legacy.

RT @boblister_poole: Change UK MPs may join Lib Dems They Should All Be Deselected By Their Leave Majority Constituents. Let’s Have Some By…