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RT @clive_fanti: RT @clive_fanti: @HhMkhaliphi My president, I will support him even if he doesn't know me, he speaks my thoughts.

RT @abhijeet_dipke: RT @abhijeet_dipke: India doesn't have a weak #ARMY. India have a weak Prime Minister. #WeakestPMModi #Shame

Jane Hume (australia) tweeted :

Superannuation doesn't belong to Government. It doesn't belong to superannuation fund managers. It belong to working Australians. The Morrison Government is enabling Australians to access their own savings, when they need it most, as @JoshFrydenberg said this morning.

RT @NSWYoungLabor: Liberal Senator for NSW Hollie Hughes just doesn't care. Just another law breaking member of the NSW Liberals. #auspol #nswpol #GladysGang…

RT @alastair_moore_: The UK government doesn't even know how many cannabis medicine prescriptions happen in the UK, its mad they keep demanding more evidence. IF WE GAVE IT TO YOU YOU'D JUST LOSE IT

RT @WalkingHead65: Agree completely with @TomRees_77 We are same - inclusion. 1FE, 9 EHCs. £54k. Plus amt specified on EHCs doesn't meet actual provision costs. Sch subsidises. Until now... funding crisis. Asked my MP. Says he has written to @DamianHinds. Waiting to hear. #SENDcrisis @EmmaHardyMP…

RT @RaniaRamli: Great answer from @DawnButlerBrent to my Q on intersectionality -'dealing with issues facing 1 group doesn't diminish the rights of another'

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) tweeted :

Global News says WE CHARITY FOUNDATION was set to "hold real estate." WE says the Foundation doesn't hold any real estate. It just manages liability. Either way why would Liberals funnel $900 million of emergency pandemic funding to a holding corporation?

Jim McMahon MP (Labour) tweeted :

Here's the video the hapless PM wants doesn't want you to see. Share it widely and stand up to the bluster and misdirection shown at #PMQs

RT @Jen13Scot: RT @Jen13Scot: My son enjoyed the creche at #snp18 so much he doesn't want to leave! Fab childcare as always @thesnp