All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @MarkFoxNews: There’s a great deal of comment on #NotreDame as a tourist destination, cultural centre, historic jewel - all true. Above all however it is a great Cathedral of living worship and witness of Catholic Christian faith - faith which will survive and thrive. #HolyWeek #Paris

RT @murdo_fraser: They really are losing the plot with this ramping up of hysterical rhetoric. It’s almost as if there’s something on the horizon that they are panicking about.

RT @USAmbUK: America is the world's largest economy with 327 million consumers waiting to buy British products – there’s HUGE potential for 🇬🇧 business to flourish stateside. #SharedProsperity

RT @mattforde: It was an absolute pleasure hosting the #NLFoodAwards19 for @nottslive tonight. There’s so much talent across Nottinghamshire, it was an honour to help celebrate it. I’m now desperate to eat and drink at all these places...

Had the chance to say THANK YOU to oncology staff at Warwick hospital, with @jackmrankin Rankin There’s been an 8.9% increase in the number of people seen within two weeks for an urgent cancer check. 175,000 people were seen within two weeks - the highest number ever.

BREAKING: NORTH DEVON SET TO GET BRAND NEW HOSPITAL. And there’s more...also on the list is Plymouth - also very significant for #NDevon patients. Taken together, this is a huge investment in our Devon’s health services.

“There’s no carbon tax!” 😂😂😂😭Another case of “if you say it loud enough they will believe you” a la @cathmckenna, but this time via @sangharamesh. #LyingLiberals #TrudeauMustGo

There’s a story in today’s media regarding the investigation of a male Labour MP for sexual harassment. Just checking the tweets of Labour women for outrage. No, nothing. Funny that. When it’s a Tory MP you can hear the absolute outrage for miles.

RT @matthewinkent: Kent Police is recruiting! As part of the programme to boost police numbers there’s a number of vacancies for Officers and Staff available now. Find out more here: #MoreThanTheBadge #JoinThePolice