All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @honeysettwatts: Regarding #SpeakerElection: 🗣Contrary to popular myth, there’s no convention that the Speakership passes from one side of the House to the other! 🗣In almost 650 years we’ve had just one female Speaker – so perhaps it’s time for another? I’m backing #Eleanor4Speaker🙋🏼‍♀️

Every week a farmer dies by suicide: There’s a tsunami of anxiety in the rural economy. How do we tackle it & help people suffering in silence? Grt to join ⁦@EDP24⁩ panel w ➡️ @VictoriaPrentis ➡️ @yanafarming ➡️ @HertsFarmer ➡️ @JonDuffy13…

RT @bbcnickrobinson: Cummings offers no regrets, blames media reporting for the view that there’s one rule for him & another for everyone else & insists he behaved reasonably in “exceptional circumstances” 1/2

RT @Anthony__Koch: Guys for the 500000th time, there’s nothing wrong with Scheer being a dual citizen. The issue is that HE made an issue of dual-citizenship when it came to folks like Michelle Jean becoming Governor General or Stephane Dion/Thomas Mulcair becoming Prime Minister. IE hypocrisy.

There’s loads things to take the piss out of my good mate @TomTugendhat for, but his name (and the story behind it) definitely isn’t one of them. Really bad call from editorial team at The Observer.

@Eloditeur @IciLondres @BorisJohnson @CostaCoffee You know there’s a Costa machine in the basement canteen in Downing St right?

I’m not sure there’s too many people who speak to or who has more of a feel for the UK Military community - service people, civilians and veterans, than me. I have not heard this expressed once. I have however heard of journalists (not this one) offering cash for comments.

There’s a new interactive map on @511Alberta to help truckers find open restrooms, restaurants, and showers on Alberta highways. Check it out at #ThankATrucker

This his helpful and hopefully there’s more to come to support those dairy farmers most exposed by the Coronavirus crisis. Dairy industry to join together to manage milk supply - GOV.UK #Eddisbury #Milkmatters #Dairy #Farming…

It’s a nice day. There’s also a lethal pandemic going on. It’s not the war. It’s not that hard. Don’t be selfish. Stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS.