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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.

RT @BBCHighlands: A colourful visitor to Beauly in the Highlands. RSPB Scotland says this two-barred crossbill is a rare visitor from North America and possibly blown to Scotland by the recent stormy weather.

RT @MichaelMacLeod1: STV declares the "four main parties in Scotland" - despite an actual election putting the Greens ahead of the Lib Dems. #InviteTheGreens

RT @DanielBelling: RT @DanielBelling: Green co-convenor @patrickharvie welcomes Greens in Scotland for #EGP25 @europeangreens

RT @AgentAvalon: RT @AgentAvalon: Looking forward to the president's visit to Scotland. Here are some highlights from previous Scottish trips... https://t.c…

RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: This must be one of the most sickeningly backwards things Scotland has witnessed in years. How utterly disgusting. https:/…

RT @fergusonelaine: RT @fergusonelaine: So there'd be no 50p top rate in an independent Scotland either?…

Scotland didn't vote for a hard-right Tory Govt to rip us out of EU. Result emphasises independence mandate won by Greens and SNP in 2016. FM must seek Section 30 Order. Time for Scotland to given the chance to pave its own future as an independent state within EU. #independence

What a thoroughly 'unpleasant' individual B. Johnson is! Scotland welcomes our EU sisters and brothers, thanks them for their contribution. The Highlands and Islands have been enriched by their presence. #NastyParty #ToriesOutDecember12

John Finnie (Green) retweeted @garydunion :

RT @garydunion: Makes me so angry. Scotland is losing the skills & friendship of this PhD biomedical scientist, and thousands like her, to placate racists.…

RT @garydunion: What can #Council17 hopefuls do for climate, health & social justice? @FoEScot's Fossil Free Scotland manifesto:…