All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @PierrePoilievre: RT @PierrePoilievre: 3/5 BREAKING: Trudeau deficit: $343B. The TOTAL SPENDING in Harper’s last year was $283B.

RT @johnjohnstonmi: BREAKING: Change UK's top candidate in Scotland, Joseph Russo, has been dumped after a series of offensive tweets were uncovered. The second candidate they have lost in 24 hours.

RT @DocPakistan: #BREAKING Shooting in the Planoise district of #France's #Besancon city According to Initial reports attack was conducted by several masked men with automatic rifles, adding that at least 3 people have been wounded - one of them in grave condition

RT @DevilsOfUnited: BREAKING: Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes both injured after training ground clash. Bruno came off worse & both are doubtful for tomorrow's game against Bournemouth.

RT @sahouraxo: RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: US armored vehicles entered #Syria from Jordan. Whether this is a routine illegal incursion or something bigger re…

RT @Ruptly: RT @Ruptly: BREAKING: Shopping centre in #Paris evacuated over 'armed individual' reports

RT @sahouraxo: Breaking: Israel violates Lebanese and Syrian sovereignty, yet again, and launches missile attacks on Syria’s capital of Damascus. Looks like someone isn’t happy with the US withdrawal and is clearly aiming to prolong the war.…

RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: Israel bombed #Syria’s Damascus from #Lebanon’s airspace. Even as the world fights the #COVIDー19 pandemic, Israel doesn’t take a break from terrorizing the Syrian and Lebanese peoples in the early hours of the morning as they’re sleeping. Where is the global uproar?

RT @Partisangirl: BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein has been diagnosed with #Coronavirus . How is it that all these famous people and political leaders are getting it? Who visited him?

RT @Partisangirl: A fun thread on the chemistry behind how soap deactivates #coronavirus by breaking up its outer layer. The layer it needs to bind to your cells and inject its RNA.