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North Devon MP since 2015. Used to be on the wireless. Sorry I don’t see all incoming Tweets & usually can’t respond here; please email & I’ll be happy to help.

RT @AndrewScheer: So many British Columbians are working hard but feel like they just can’t get ahead.@Andrewesaxton and I will work everyd…

RT @twychy12: @georgegalloway @TheMalcolmFinch @JackkJazz I can’t imagine it being true I can’t imagine if it were true that the name of t…

RT @DSilvermint: I can’t believe how bad the writing is on the final season of humanity. They had like 300,000 years to get this right.

I still can’t believe the audacity. I am still surprised.

RT @PutLaborLast: #budgetreply Senator Mathias Cormann nails it: If Bill Shorten can’t count to five, how can he run a country? 🤔 This Guy…

RT @DavidDPaxton: Can’t think of anyone in particular.

RT @EssexCanning: EU can’t have it both ways guys, just saying

RT @HelenRutherford: Still can’t get access to our STW chester twitter account 😩 @stwchester Really looking forward to our conference on…

RT @DooleyCatherine: @Brucescribbler @georgegalloway Got my tkts today can’t wait 😊

RT @_Sar_o__: A woman in Dublin Castle is handing out After Eights I can’t 😂 #dublincastle #8thref #repealed