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RT @fakingnews: RT @fakingnews: PM’s phone stops working, reason might be due to too many times toggle between airplane mode on and off…

Chris Alexander (unknown) tweeted :

Best analysis yet on the new PM’s emerging ‘plan’: I agree with everyBoris Johnson has set himself a trap on the Irish border… via @financialtimes

Narendra Modi (unknown) tweeted :

Our Government’s first decision dedicated to those who protect India! Major changes approved in PM’s Scholarship Scheme’ under the National Defence Fund including enhanced scholarships for wards of police personnel martyred in terror or Maoist attacks.

RT @DrSYQuraishi: RT @DrSYQuraishi: PM’s chopper raid incident is a great opportunity missed ! Please see my views.

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RT @JsrSmith: Using PM’s powers of the writ to deny hundreds of thousands a voice in Parliament and blocking a progressive opponent from facing him the House of Commons. Sunny ways?…

Wai Young (unknown) tweeted :

Unreal. Canadians can finally seeing that this PM’s sunny “transparency” is just another empty promise? This whole mess smells and a public inquiry is neededWhatis he hiding?

RT @AviBraveheart: RT @AviBraveheart: Look at the diff btwn 2 former PM’s of India;one PM is being conferred with Bharat Ratna, and the other is summoned by c…

RT @Michael_Heaver: Anti-establishment Italian government furious with ‘deep state’ civil service. PM’s Spokesman Rocco Casalino: “Either they find these fucking €10 billion or we will dedicate 2019 to eliminating these pieces of shit from the Treasury Ministry.”…

Lib Dem MP Resigns The Whip to vote for the PM’s deal #BrexitDeal… via @GuidoFawkes

RT @nick_clegg: I hate to say this, but Brexiters would be right to reject PM’s plan. Dual EU/UK tariffs would create vast red tape, smugglers would boom,Parliament would be humiliated. MPs would rubber stamp goods/agri rules from Brussels - right to refuse would never be used as costs too high.