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RT @moniquerankine: RT @moniquerankine: The police killed a BLACK FEMALE in Toronto today. They threw her over the balcony and there’s no news coverage on this…

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RT @pbergsen: If the frugals insist on there being both grants and loans in the fund there’s an obvious solution: add another €500bn in lending capacity. The frugals can say that only half the fund is “grants” and the southern member states can politely pass on the offer to take up the loans.

@tina_plunkett And happened only two months ago. There’s no “with hindsight I do care about women/Rainbow/climate issues, please ignore that very real vote...”, which is dubious at the best of times when we’re talking fundamentals.

RT @TroyRF: I never expected to be confirmed by the @nzlabour Whangaparāoa team and our NZ Council at the dining room table, but there’s a lot we didn’t expect from 2020, eh. There’s so much to do to help NZ recover and rebuild, and I’m really, really glad to have this chance to step up.

RT @fvckcapitaIism: With every cloud there’s a silver lining. If this is the one thing that finally makes people ditch the neoliberal Labour Party then that itself is fantastic. We need to continue building an actual opposition to this government & reiterating our case for socialism. @WorkersPartyGB

RT @grenfellcampus: We’re offering Psychology 1000 remotely this Spring! The semester begins on Monday, May 11 so there’s still time to register via Memorial Self-Service (CRN: 94028). New to remote learning or need help? Message us for assistance! #grenfell20 @MemorialU

RT @WestmonsterUK: HOEY: The British people voted to take back control, but the Customs Union means the EU has power. "There’s a growing group of people who hate the fact that we’re leaving and want to try to find a way where we leave in name only."…

RT @FromageEtToi: @georgegalloway @west_brom I don’t think there’s an MP I despise more in British politics than Twatson, and there’s some pretty stiff competition there. Kick his arse George!

RT @CFBranchCPB: Monday's Morning Star:: There’s much talk of ‘lessons being learned’ in Kensington, but the rich/poor divide remains as great as ever…

But wait! There’s more! #rpt #nzpol