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RT @bernardjenkin: RT @bernardjenkin: Theresa May has written the script for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party - my article for @Telegraph… v…

Love or hate him. Verhofstadt is Farage’s nemesis and all Remainers can learn a thing or two about how to take populists down in a debate.…

RT @JamesMelville: There were two protest marches yesterday. Compare and contrast the #PeoplesVoteMarch and Nigel Farage’s #MarchToLeave. Sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words.

RT @lionelbarber: RT @lionelbarber: The intellectual case for Brexit has collapsed. Hence Nigel Farage’s rant against Parliament and representative governme…

RT @indiaknight: RT @indiaknight: Why is Nigel Farage’s tiny lolzy march the second item on BBC radio news?

Richard Corbett (EU) retweeted @mk1969 :

RT @mk1969: all very well for @Nigel_Farage to repudiate UKIP links with Tommy Robinson, but Farage’s right-hand man at UKIP, @RaheemKassam has been one of Robinson’s biggest cheerleaders for years. You sleep with dogs Nigel, you get fleas.

@TheNewEuropean Breaking: Thanet Conservative Association has just accepted Nigel Farage’s membership.

Afzal Khan MEP (EU) tweeted :

Here are 10 reasons why Nuttall’s UKIP should still be opposed 10 - N.o. 1 - Has strongly supported Farage’s “Breaking Point” billboard