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Green MP. Minister for Women. Assoc Minister of Transport, Health. I’m into lively streets, real food, and bicycles. Auth by J Genter, Parlt Buildings, WLG


MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk. Fighting against IndyRef2 : Out of hours, I’m training for my next marathon, somewhere. Triathlete. Ironman.

Lord Kirkhope (EU) tweeted :

@anthea_mcintyre But I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t complain, and there’s nothing about it on the fron page of the newspapers this morning!!

RT @cuffejohn: I’ve hit rock bottom. Corruption all round me in Ireland , Brexit on TV. I’m now watching TG4 and Foster and Allen. Save me.

RT @ChukaUmunna: I’m delighted to say I’ve joined the ⁦@LibDems!⁩ - here’s my joint interview with ⁦@vincecable⁩ in ⁦tmr’s ⁦@thetimes⁩ wher…

@lufthansa I’m also very disappointed that @lufthansa and @Airport_FRA can’t offer an adequate service to loyal, long term customers. And guess what, I was just on your Senators line, which after waiting for 10min disconnected me. A really nice way to “gladly assist”.

RT @JamesDelingpole: I’m thinking that any solution that says ‘let’s get @AmberRuddHR on board’ isn’t really a solution but a continuation…

Miapetra Kumpula-N (EU) tweeted :

I’m happy re-elected mep! Finland is happy! Europe - trust Finland 👍 Finland won Russia in ice hockey...

I’m afraid so!

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan (EU) tweeted :

Last day of canvassing. I’m in Drogheda this morning for a debate on @LMFMRADIO this morning. Then on to Roscommon Town, Castlerea, and Ballaghderreen. Then I collapse in a heap. #TakingTheJobSeriously #EuroMing2019

Seb Dance MEP (EU) replied to @LukhmanM :

@LukhmanM @MxAshleighLoeb Great. I’m sure I could find a tweet from a Lib Dem leaver.

@HertfordLibDems @MollyMEP Nope! But I’m pretty effective at tackling biodiversity loss, wildlife trade and human trafficking, is that what they mean I wonder?