All deleted tweets from politicians

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

I’ve made clear to the Chancellor ways in which the #newstarter gap could be filled. While it’s good there’s finally some movement on this issue, it’s critical that others falling through gaps receive support.

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

There’s a lot of confusion today about whether EU or UK is 🐓 or 🥚 on workers’ rights. Mustn’t forget that: 1. Was a UK Labour govt (sadly) which lobbied vs EU temp and agency workers’ rights (thankfully this is now UK Lab policy- but wasn’t then).

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: @LeaveMnsLeave @julia_reid @DCBMEP @SkyNews But the Tories have done just that, when there’s no legal basis for doing so. Appalling negotiating tactics. Even World Bank State that ‘no deal’ will only cost 0.25% of GDP, almost a rounding error. If no FTA deal by Jan 1 then leave & trade on WTO terms

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @GCycles1 :

RT @GCycles1: @RogerHelmerMEP Hmmmm. I think you have misunderstood your own words. There’s a name for that...cannot recall it right now. Anyway, your tweets have significant racist undertones.

Lord Kirkhope (EU) tweeted :

@anthea_mcintyre But I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t complain, and there’s nothing about it on the fron page of the newspapers this morning!!

RT @ActivePatriots: School evacuated & police called to Fir Vale school in Sheffield. There’s constantly trouble in this area with violence between Pakistani’s & Roma’s. Then at night it’s Kurds V Somalian’s in drug wars #DiversityIsOurStrength 😉

RT @ActivePatriots: There’s not much to say on this story except weak & pitiful. She’s surrendered our country to the EU until 2020 without a fight and we’re paying them for the privilege, how they must laugh.…

RT @Politicalex: Because, idiot, there’s a major difference between EU institutions and agencies. The latter have many non EU members, who refuse federal control but want to work with EU. Brexit never meant not cooperating with EU, but self determination to decide what we will cooperate on. Fool.…

Jens Geier (EU) retweeted @joannaccherry :

RT @joannaccherry: There’s something very rotten at the heart of British politics when #EU citizens resident here are being denied their right to vote. I raised this with @theresa_may at #PMQs yesterday but she has done nothing. I won’t let it lie #EUElections2019 #Brexit #FBPE…

RT @FraserMyers: Week 27 (#Acte27) of the #GiletsJaunes protests. Lots of people believe there’s a government ‘D notice’ blocking UK reporting of the protests. The truth is much sadder: our political/media class just aren’t interested My column from last week:…