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RT @Fact: RT @Fact: There’s a light in a woman’s eyes that speaks louder than words. - Arthur Conan Doyle

RT @PatrickMcEnroe: RT @PatrickMcEnroe: Happy Valentines Day to all. There’s plenty of love ❤️ in ◽

RT @ananthkrishnan: Line that stands out from Trump’s speech: “There’s all the difference in the world between a country that seeks to claim power through coercion, intimidation, aggression and a country that seeks to grow by setting its people free and unleashing their dreams, and that’s India.”

WTF is happening world? There’s something real & serious which is to be unearthed! #ncovid19

@RahmanRam I did read about that. Feels there’s something even beyond, looking at Italy going out of control! :(

Omar Abdullah (india) retweeted @hinnac :

RT @hinnac: I’ve just had Kashmiri noon chai and kahwa in London! So exciting! There’s a “Kashmiri Table” stall at the Canopy Market in Kings Cross all weekend so make sure you check it out.

Congress in News (india) tweeted :

Congress likens PM Modi to Aurangzeb, says there’s undeclared Emergency…

RT @dieatribes: LATHI CHARGE AT DELHI GATE people are bleeding on the fucking streets and WATER CANNONS HAVE BEEN SHOT AT THEM There’s news going around that the police did it because of stone pelting THERE WAS NO STONE PELTING. They’re building up false narratives to justify POLICE BRUTALITY

RT @ShadowAgriGoI: RT @ShadowAgriGoI: Narendra Modi government insists there’s no sugar shortage,says country is in a sweet spot..Traders think otherwise!http…

RT @MinstWCDShadow: RT @MinstWCDShadow: Crime in Delhi increased for the third straight year- there’s a rape every four hours in Delhi via @htTweets https://…