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Member of Parliament for Vauxhall UK. #LeaveMeansLeave Retweets don’t necessarily mean endorsement


Member of Parliament for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford since 2010. Don’t do casework or correspondence by social media. Email me!

RT @JackDromeyMP: .@sajidjavid says ‘I don’t think the streets are safe enough...Something has gone terribly wrong’. Powerful words but wor…

Neil Coyle (Labour) retweeted @Olbsss :

RT @Olbsss: A whole year since I decided to vote for a Labour Party I don’t believe in and probably will stupidly do again if another elect…

Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) tweeted :

Don’t be insulted Rush this lot have been on at me so they don’t know where they live!

Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) tweeted :

No one has e mailed yet and I don’t do casework on Twitter.

Karl Turner MP (Labour) tweeted :

The absolute state of ⁦@Conservatives⁩. I don’t share is politics but he is a principled, decent and incredibly competent #Tory. He was an excellent Attorney and kind to me when I was appointed Shadow AG just after ⁦@David_Cameron⁩ sacked him.…

RT @robmcd85: Labour MP @grahamemorris says to Tory MP’s ‘you don’t understand the trials and tribulations of ordinary working people’ #uni…

Catherine West (Labour) tweeted :

Current rules banning people seeking asylum from working don’t make sense – just like this @benandjerrys ice cream flavour. I’m proud to support the campaign to #LiftTheBan. It makes sense!

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

I’m steadfastly behind a #peoplesvote but don’t want to jeopardise extending article 50 which is what today’s votes are about and don’t believe that a splitter amendment out of spite that will damage the cause is the way to do about it which is what even @peoplesvote_uk recommend

Tom Watson (Labour) replied to @tom_watson :

5) one in eight disadvantaged children in the UK don’t own a single book. @Literacy_Trust