All deleted tweets from politicians

I haven’t got the big union bosses backing me with lots of £££. I’m on the ballot because of you ✊🏾❤ If every one of my followers chipped in just the price of a bus ticket twice we’d raise enough to run the whole campaign. Chip in 👉🏾

2/3 topped off with another round of internal Tory drama. Amazing when you consider we haven’t even seen the proposals in print yet. Politics as we know it is failing, unable to rise above the deep divisions across the country.

If you’re in Parliament today @ haven’t yet been down to visit the crisis stall, there’s still time ◽◽ please do.

@suziegeewizz @JoshuaYJackson @lara_eleanor I agree it’s been rubbish. The left haven’t been involved. A word of advice tho. As black Britain’s we’re on the frontline for the rise in racism and fascism we’re seeing post ref. So pls@dknt presume to lecture me for calling out those who want the same thing as those bastards

Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour) tweeted :

I know it’s hard to believe that the 99.9% of us who *didn’t* go to Eton haven’t got the ability but I’m not sure Osbornomics was taught at Egerton Park Community High School in Denton - and that’s frankly no bad thing!

@JM_Wentworth You clearly haven’t been following my work in Russia.

@OwenJones84 Then I haven’t lost your vote.

If you haven’t had a chance to look @Rhondda_Tunnel up, do - a brilliant idea and could help transform upper Rhondda Fawr #TheRhonddaTunney