All deleted tweets from politicians

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

Face coverings are now mandatory in all of Scotland’s shops, 🏪 as well public transport 🚍 Why not support #fairtrade and use these faboulous face coverings made by VillageWorks in Cambodia Available from… (1/2)

Elaine Smith MSP (Labour) retweeted @Gedk :

RT @Gedk: A priest was spat on last year. Are we now telling Scotland’s Catholic community that it happened because of Catholic schools?…

RT @scottr0gers: SNP have been responsible for Scotland’s NHS for 12 years. Sturgeon was Cabinet Sec for Health for 5 of those, and First Minister for a further 5. Yesterday she declared St. John’s children’s ward “clinically unsafe”. The Scottish NHS doesn’t need protected, it needs rescued.…

Neil Findlay MSP (Labour) tweeted :

Are you have “coruscating conversations” if not, why not? Scotland’s greatest intellect wants to know!

RT @DodsGroup: ✅Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has endorsed @jackiebmsp to become Scotland’s labour leader! Don’t scroll off, read his latest remarks about her here: #sharethestorynow

Neil Bibby (Labour) retweeted @NeilBibby :

RT @NeilBibby: Too many Scots are underemployed & today’s stats show Scotland’s employment rate still trails the UK by 1.5%. The tax base must grow to provide more for public services. Scotland needs a proper economic strategy to create quality jobs, raise living standards & increase revenues.

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

The sun is setting on 2019 here in #Scotland’s most southerly point @MullofGalloway So lucky to live in this beautiful region and proud to represent South Scotland in @ScotParl #loveDandG

Colin Smyth (Labour) tweeted :

My first line in my quote was @LeaskyHT was “Despite fleecing Scotland’s hard pressed passengers with fare hike after fare hike, the Abellio franchise…

Iain Gray (Labour) retweeted @JohnSwinney :

RT @JohnSwinney: PISA has its limitations but Scotland’s performance in reading has risen sharply. Just 5 countries are now significantly higher than Scotland. The Scottish Attainment Programme started with an emphasis on literacy – the foundation of so much other learning. That is bearing fruit.

RT @CitAdviceScot: We’re delighted that this afternoon MSPs from across Scotland’s parties will debate #80YearsOfImpact in the Scottish Parliament as part of out 80th anniversary year. 🥳…