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RT @AndyMcDonaldMP: COVID-19 has brought rail franchising to an abrupt end, yet there’s been an acknowledgment for some time that the system’s broken. When we come through this crisis, we must think about the long-term future. To that end I’ve published Labour’s White Paper.

RT @lynbrownmp: West Ham has terribly high child poverty It’s about to get worse There’s never been a time when the most vulnerable will need our help most. I’m grateful to all who have given to local charities thus far but ask once more for help for our food bank.

Jo Stevens (Labour) tweeted :

Today’s announcements are what we needed and have been calling for. There’s still an urgent and critical gap in support for self-employed people that needs to be addressed by @RishiSunak

Bill Esterson (Labour) tweeted :

The £330 million is loans from banks who are not trusted by businesses. There’s also a big question as to whether businesses will want to take on debt when they have no income to repay it with. Payments to cover wages and temporary cancellation of costs would be more effective.

RT @PickardJE: Alistair Darling says there’s a striking lack of global cooperation in dealing with coronavirus, pointing out that counties all acted “together” to tackle the financial crash a decade ago @BBCr4today

RT @ryancapperauld: RT @ryancapperauld: There’s going to be a sharp increase in cases of #COVID19 according to FM @NicolaSturgeon . Figures will be released at…

RT @owenhatherley: RT @owenhatherley: I just published There’s a Starmer Waiting in the Sky…

RT @forgetcape: “Is the UK racist” is such a non discussion. The prime minister said racist things and was elected overwhelmingly. There’s racism on tele and in the paper most days. Is the whole country racist, almost certainly not. Is racism allowed to thrive, absolutely.

Liz McInnes (Labour) tweeted :

There’s a lot of water on the M66. Drive carefully! #StormCaira

RT @AlastairRoss: Hello @claudiabeamish @ColinSmythMSP - there’s an amber warning for river flooding so can you please share this advice on preparing for a flood with your constituents?…