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RT @MdDeactivated: Before we joined the EU we had a thriving fishing industry. . and when we #Brexit we'll get it all back ! 👏👏👏 #bbcqt htt…

RT @bbcquestiontime: Conservative MP @BimAfolami is on the panel this week #bbcqt

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RT @mk1969: on #BBCQT, @KwasiKwarteng says people knew what it meant for the customs union and single market when they voted for #Brexit. W…

RT @bbcquestiontime: The Conservative MP @KwasiKwarteng will join us on the #bbcqt panel

Rosie Duffield MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Brilliant woman @ayeshahazarika on #bbcqt tonight. And our own fab @IanLaveryMP too (no need for a microphone!). Good luck Jacob! 😀

Paul Sweeney MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

My recurring conclusion from these utterly tedious #Brexit debates on #bbcqt, where people surmise on why people voted Remain or Leave, is that it was fatuous to expect such a complex question to be boiled down to two binary answers. That's why referendums aren't that democratic.

RT @RobertsonPaulC: .@joannaccherry - Tories have admitted they've made no assessment of economic impact of a hard #Brexit #bbcqt

RT @IainR0bertson: This is unsurprising, but shocking all the same. I gave up watching #BBCQT almost a year ago, it’s just too depressing.…

RT @CCHQPress: Under @Conservatives the economy has grown 17% since 2010 #bbcqt