All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @pandemicdemands: SUNDAY 5/4 3pm 🚩we’ll be dropping banners to demand equal access to services: End the #HostileEnvironment Abolish #NRPF Release from #Detention & #DirectProvision Our chances of survival should not depend on status: not now, not ever! #LeaveNoOneBehind 🔥…

Next stop: Newcastle! My rally extravaganza will be taking me to Newcastle this week. We’ll be talking about how we take Labour forward together and my grassroots revival action plan. Don’t miss it:

RT @MiriamBrett: “Look, stupid jocks, I’m just like you!” Jeremy Hunt, desperately hoping that if he drinks Irn Bru and eats chips, we’ll conveniently forget that he plans to sell the NHS, turbocharge austerity, deport our neighbours, and deliver a Brexit we didn’t vote for. Never trust a Tory.

It was great to catch up with @LpoolWaltonCLP members this evening to the rest of our #GE2019 campaign. We’ll be out every day speaking with local residents and people across the North West about the #RealChange our communities need.

RT @LibDems: 🌍 Serious climate action requires serious spending commitments. 💷 We’ll spend £100 billion on climate action. 🌲 Check out some other things we’ll do to fight the climate crisis:…

Stephen Lloyd MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

I spoke in a debate on social care yesterday. In my view we need to take the politics out of it. Otherwise we’ll keep lurching from blame game to blame game, and still not properly address this crucial service which remains shockingly under-funded.

RT @JamesMelville: Anyone who thinks that “we’ll be fine” if the UK crashes out of the EU with a no deal Brexit should watch this video and reassess their opinion.

RT @seasaltclothing: On Saturday we’ll be taking part in the Newlyn School of Art’s outdoor painting world record attempt! We'll be part of a line of painters stretching between Land's End & Sennen, join us if you can. Why not have a go at home by creating your own work of art & posting it below.

RT @LabourDefence: RT @LabourDefence: .@StephenMorganMP asks when we’ll know more about future of Army Reserve basing plans. Lots of people keen to know more!

RT @TheMendozaWoman: BORIS JOHNSON: Bumboys! Letterboxes! Picaninnies! Tax cuts for the richest! Brexit! JEREMY CORBYN: We’ll fully fund the NHS, build 1m new council homes, scrap tuition fees, & make the wealthy pay their fair share. CENTRISTS: How do we choose between these two monsters?!