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So Canberra can’t power itself 24/7 without using coal and gas. It produces renewables energy when it doesn’t need it and relies on other states to take it and then claims it is powered on 100% renewables. Gren lies.

RT @DamTom79: They can scare up a few pensioners to hold hands but can’t raise enough to pay protesters’ fines in Bowen? It’s all gestures with these numpties #StopIdiocy…

RT @RaheemKassam: I could be playing up and milking this Australia visa thing. But honestly I’m not a grifter and I can’t be arsed. If psychos like @AlboMP and @KKeneally are so scared of a former Muslim expressing concerns about the faith he was raised with, let them whinge. No one cares.

@bencubby @GrayConnolly @ShellenbergerMD Can’t be bothered = Haven’t got the evidence to rebute @Bencubby 101

RT @SenatorMRoberts: RT @SenatorMRoberts: Senator @Nick_Xenophon you can’t complain about demise of manufacturing in #SA without talking about extreme cost of p…

RT @SenatorMRoberts: The @greens are wreckers not builders. They can’t even construct a tin foil hat Kindergarten kids could do better than that PLEASE RETWEET