All deleted tweets from politicians

Today’s shootings in Christchurch highlight the growing fears within our community both in Australia and New Zealand over the increasing Muslim presence.

RT @TurnbullMalcolm: Reflecting on some of today’s news I am reminded not for the first time of WB Yeats. Turning and turning in the wide…

All govt ministers except Birmo missing from the start of today’s senate #MIA #libspil #DUTTON #auspol

RT @MurrayWatt: Thanks @tanya_plibersek for joining us for today’s doorknocking session for @SusanLambALP in #Longman!…

RT @jonkudelka: Canutegate, today’s cartoon in the @australian

RT @Knightcartoons: 50 years ago today PM Harold Holt went missing My toon in today’s @theheraldsun #auspol

@michaelkoziol Frankly, it is amazing that they didn’t realise it wasn’t appropriate before today’s announcement.

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

Today’s the day polite company can be escused for talking about love, religion and money - #ValentinesDay #Lent #DecimalCurrency @AuConservatives #auspol

RT @MurrayWatt: Today’s Essential poll shows more Australians support an increase to Newstart benefits than Turnbull’s company tax cuts. ht…