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MP for Waiariki. Authorised Tāmati Coffey, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn. We’re all in this together and no one makes it out alive. So lets look after each other.

RT @RozzieWrites: Here with me mate Kingsley, and we’re talking to lots of #Hawkesbury locals, hoping we can bring a few votes home for @MehreenFaruqi while we’re at it.

RT @heldavidson: RT @heldavidson: 'We’re not going anywhere': how cyclones failed to batter Yolŋu Radio…

RT @climatecouncil: "We’re former commissioners, chief officers of every urban and rural fire service in Australia. All of us have seen conditions change, supercharging the bushfire problem & it’s all down to climate change, the burning of coal, oil & gas" - Greg Mullins @BreakfastNews

RT @DavidParis: RT @DavidParis: “We’re not talking about indiscriminate data collection…” Er, just everyone’s.

RT @workmanalice: “We’re here!” @SenatorWong points out that the Senate has not adjourned. “Simon’s going to take questions on behalf of the whole government!” Strap in for #SenateQT

RT @TheTodayShow: “It’s no different to saying we’re going to close down Bondi Beach because there are some people there that have drowned. How ridiculous is that!” @PaulineHansonOz #9Today

RT @tanya_plibersek: That’s why ALP women started working decades ago for equality and its why we’re at 46% female representation in the federal parliament now and expect to get to 50/50 at the next election - 6 years ahead of our target. It doesn’t happen by accident.…

RT @Davekellymp: We’re lighting up the Broome and Doubleview @watercorpwa water towers as part of #16DaysInWA #StopTheViolence #ViolenceIsNotOK #ChangeTheConversation

RT @Rita_Saffioti: Ever thought about climbing the Matagarup Bridge? Or imagined a zip line from the bridge to the shore? Today we’re calling on tourism operators to submit proposals to run a bridge climb, zip line and Optus Stadium rooftop walk. Another great way to enjoy our great bridge.