All deleted tweets from politicians

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

It’s #SONA19 day! I hope that the President’s speech will be one that speaks to improving lives. No empty promises. We do not revel in the failures of government, if it fails, SA & its people suffer. If they do fail SA, trust we will there to rigorously hold them accountable.

RT @ThabileNgwato: If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.

RT @MichaelWatersMP: Agreed. It’s disgusting you were targeted. Shows you are obviously a threat to some within the party…

David Maynier (DA) tweeted :

It’s quite a feat to beat @DrAceMagashule as “Mampara of the Week” this week in SA?

If there’s one thing Twitter will show you, it’s how incredibly insecure EFF ‘supporter’ are and how ‘superior logic’ revolves around violence and ‘dealing’ with people.

Michael Waters (DA) tweeted :

Look how many South Africans are living in extramarital poverty. It’s shameful. Failed ANC policies. This equates to well over 1 million people!

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @AntonEberhard :

RT @AntonEberhard: Government has recently bailed out @Eskom_SA with R 23 billion. It’s nearly all gone, phfffff! Nothing to show. I heard…

David Maynier MP (DA) tweeted :

It’s hard to tell where @PresidencyZA begins and @GoldmanSachs ends in SA?

RT @venter_larissa: What a journey it’s been. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on an incredible campaign with some of the most brilliant…