All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @powelljack_: “I think if anyone doesn’t hate Brexit, even if you voted for it, there’s something wrong with you.” – @DawnButlerBrent Speaks volumes about the Labour party’s Brexit position.

RT @DeanMacpherson: So public schools are supposed to be going on a ‘break’ from tomorrow and there’s been nothing gazetted to bring this into effect. Does Cyril think he rules by royal decree?

RT @Zekewareley: RT @Zekewareley: Quick to jump when there’s “chaos” in the DA, but silent when the DA reigns victoriously!…

People's servant (DA) replied to @TimModise :

@TimModise The reality is we need our lives back & the economy to open up. Everywhere where there’s movement of people, there is a risk of infection. That risk can be mitigated, but it can’t be eliminated. This was confirmed🖕 by Prof Karim💯

RT @JustKatlee: Apparently this is Pick n Pay Mega City. My heart melted at the singing, it’s what we do best but there’s also aerosol emission when we sing 💔😞

John Steenhuisen MP (DA) tweeted :

I’m really enjoying speaking to DA public representatives about my plan to fix the DA and to fix SA. There’s a renewed sense of hope in our party and in our country and very encouraged by the positive feedback. If you haven’t seen it yet you can on

If there’s one thing Twitter will show you, it’s how incredibly insecure EFF ‘supporter’ are and how ‘superior logic’ revolves around violence and ‘dealing’ with people.

David Maynier MP (DA) tweeted :

There’s so much left to be done – Winde takes premier hopes on final campaign leg | News24…

RT @rinmor: Hi @Newzroom405 you do realize that’s there’s been an act of local terrorism in Durban ... bombed/sabotaged water reservoir ... you should be onto it

RT @Reagoikanya: RT @Reagoikanya: I don’t think there’s a point in my life that I’ve ever decided not to take a risk. For better/worse, safety and comfort c…