All deleted tweets from politicians


Peter Whittle

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MP for Selby & Ainsty. Minister of State for Sport, Media & Creative Industries @DCMS. If you’re a constituent, please email/tel via website details below.

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

My job? An MP. So is Julius. Uthini kahle kahle? Do you under what you’re agreeing with?

Marian Shinn (DA) retweeted @KaivanShroff :

RT @KaivanShroff: MACRON CALLS OUT TRUMP: "You’re not comfortable with an agreement signed by your predecessor, maybe just because it was s…

@pietmeis1234 @YoungDonDraper @Ikwane @Our_DA Are you serious? Do you realize how much ridiculous you’re looking right now? You said speeches. I want the speeches

@BarbierAbra @roxferreira @jsteenhuisen @ParliamentofRSA @Our_DA If you’re friends why didn’t you just pick up the phone instead of tweeting it? Unless it was to create some sort of issue?

Cameron MacKenzie MP (DA) tweeted :

#Eskom If you’re not #loadshedding then why are we without #power? @CyrilRamaphosa has someone started the generator for you - you know, that one that insulates you from the pain EVERY South African feels as a result of YOUR party’s mismanagement and chronic incompetence.

@paddiclay @Pierrinne Paddi, with all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Different races have different hair that has different methods of care. Let’s attempt political correctness where it is not needed.

@sodladla2 Is this supposed to make me feel bad about myself? You’re wasting your data. 😂 Self-love ingaphezulu apha. Ndimhle hibiri no matter what hairstyle.

@ReubenPhala @LegongD You haven’t the faintest clue what you’re talking about. Until you do, feel free to tweet me.

You’re policing who I do & dont RT? He made a good point I agree with. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

How bizzare. You’re now sipping on the WMC kool-aid to shield the ANC from responsibility? Déjà vu.