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Liberal Democrats in London, fighting for London to stay an open, positive, and internationalist city.

Sadiq Khan Khan

Mayor of London. #TeamKhan

RT @AlynSmithMEP: Dublin, backed to the hilt by EU27, will be the arbiter of what is acceptable in North, not London. UK comprehensiv…

RT @YesTories: @ScotTories @ScotParl Our UK party policies created the housing crisis perhaps it's time for London to stop running…

Plessure being at London Shipping Week to launch the Scottish Maritime cluster. Lot's of opportunities for us to se……

"Old surrounded by new in Victoria, London"… See my new daily photo on #blipfoto

"Quiet street in the heart of London city."… See my new daily photo on #blipfoto

I'm in London. So tempted to go and stage a one woman demo tomorrow at the #BigBen demo by MPs. What to put on my placard ... ? #suggestions

You really get the feeling that the London metropolitan media have hit 'peak freak out' a bit early

@higgins_dee we have members in England too, there's a London branch of the SNP. It has more members than the Scottish Lib Dems...

More Lib Dem missives in Gordon. This time printed in Sheffield & London. Not exactly 'supporting local businesses'

@BeckaSteven must be interesting experiencing the commentary from a London perspective?