All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @TamaraINassar: Israeli apartheid forces admitted to their careful planning and execution of yesterday’s massacre — and then deleted the tweet. Via @btselem

I share the huge disappointment at yesterday’s court ruling on 1950s women’s pensions. I stand with the @WASPI_Campaign #CunninghameWASPI women. #NotGoingAway. The fight for justice must continue and it will.

🗣 Today I asked a supplementary during #FMQs regarding yesterday’s news that Fergusons will be brought into public ownership. This proved to be the only viable way to safeguard jobs & build more ships, providing a future for the Port Glasgow yard.

My favourite pic from yesterday’s #dailymile @SandersonsWynd - I had excellent company! 😊I’m off out to do today’s shortly....🏃‍♀️

RT @robmcd85: Very pleased to see @OurSayAust hold hands up about yesterday’s misjudgement in using insulting term of ‘nutters’ - Should be applauded 👏

Here’s my speech from yesterday’s Early Years debate. Partnership working is crucial to the delivery the SG’s ambitious and transformative early learning and childcare commitments…

RT @SusaninLangside: My speech in yesterday’s budget debate on Labour’s pay discrimination legacy - which they’ll never be able to escape while those responsible still hold the senior positions in their group - and #SNPforGlasgow commitment to deliver gender pay justice.…

RT @Caroline_Stocks: After yesterday’s news that Rolls Royce is moving part of its operations from Derby to Deutschland post-Brexit, it‘s nice to look back at the letter my husband got from our local MP when he wrote to her with concerns that just that would happen

@sincerely4scots @willie_rennie See latest Panelbase Poll in yesterday’s Sunday Times Scotland - 53% of Scots would prefer Independence to May’s Deal and 59% would prefer Indy to No Deal. You may find *you* are the noisy minorty view now. So mind you take a towel when you take your own dook in the sea....!😉

Not the most important thing happening today but today’s @heraldscotland contains apology to me for yesterday’s false headline - just 3 months after Daily Mail had to do same. Apology welcome - but better still if they didn’t engage in baseless smears in first place.