All deleted tweets from politicians

Vote Plaid Cymru & get a Tory Government in Wales - Boris Johnson’s poodle

Boris Johnson’s Fifth test (pictures) shows he plans to manage infection rates above the previous peak within NHS enhanced limits but he said instead “we will not take the reproductive rate of growth of the virus R over one”. So he plans herd immunity death toll to continue

A reminder that Boris Johnson’s plan was for a general election to have been triggered by tonight, and it hasn’t. So a good night. Goodnight.

How many Labour MPs were going to vote for Boris Johnson’s deal, again?

If Johnson’s Brexit deal goes through tomorrow it’ll be because of Corbyn’s a-nod-and-a-wink approach to his own MPs backing it. Bottom line is he’d like Brexit to go through without having to take any responsibility for it: his stance ever since the referendum was declared.

Jacob Rees-Mogg infuriates millions with his sneering dismissal of protests over Boris Johnson’s attack on our democracy as “phoney” #stopthecoupe

Boris Johnson’s white privilege: imagine he was a black woman | spot on piece by Gary Younge…