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RT @laurafleur: There’s a consensus of “don’t ask don’t tell” to hang on to current abortion rights in the UK @stellacreasy says. “NI has suffered the most as a result of that.”

There’s a huge amount of frustration and fury up here in the North at the way we are being treated by this government. They seem to be sat in Whitehall striking a red pen through large swathes of our economy and society. It’s just not a way to build consensus and build confidence

Either there’s an @RoyalAirForce C17 Globemaster doing touch-and-gos at Luton Airport, or we just stationed half the UK’s fleet in there this afternoon.

There’s some easy to find resources that will help you pack out the rest of the week too:……

RT @feedthedrummer: There’s somebody (presumably in response to the Labour anti-Semitism scandal) systematically editing the Wikipedia entries of Labour MPs to include references to Labour Friends of Israel.

RT @davidschneider: We owe NHS staff so much and it felt good as a nation to come together and thank them. But there’s something that sticks in the craw seeing the people who starved the NHS of funds, slashed hospitals and services and 17000 beds and left the NHS 100,000 staff short, now clapping it

Please don’t panic-buy - it’s hurting other people. There’s plenty out there for everyone if we behave sensibly. Please treat your neighbours and our brilliant shop-workers with #respect #Coronavirus #COVID19 @UsdawUnion @GMB_union

@jackbuckby 158. A rounding error. There’s no market for your fascism round here; do jog on.

For now? Sleep. Laundry. Mow lawn. Deal with mice (ask me when you see me). There’s a job of work to do Monday, and I'm up for the fight.

@_bintBilal Have seen your email; there’s a debate on Myanmar which might prevent me on that day but if I can slip out I’ll come meet you.