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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @TommySheppard: Went to vote with @theSNP colleagues on NHS funding bill - which has big implications for Scotland - and was confronted by this in the lobby. Clerks have recorded my vote as “ineligible “. Time to scrap this undemocratic nonsense #scrapEVEL

RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: Wind energy generated more electricity than was used in Scotland on a single day for the first time. A great step to a sus…

RT @dreamdearg: “Wales have a better record on health AND have a Welsh Language Act” “Scotland have a better record on health AND have a Scots Gáidhlig Act” “It’s not either or. We can do both. We can walk & chew gum at the same time” @naomi_long on #AchtAnois 🅾️👇 cc @simoncoveney @NIOgov

RT @NicolaSturgeon: Johnson has just talked about bringing back the ‘£5000 nurse bursary’ - in Scotland, @theSNP retained the bursary when Tories abolished it, and next year it will rise to £10,000 #BBCLeadersDebate #GE19

RT @Feorlean: Yesterday Johnson in Wales talked about the Welsh dragon”roaring”, today in Scotland about the “caged” Scotitsh lion. He knows nothing about either country so he uses the only symbols he recognises & grafts onto them the rhetoric of English populism. It sounds as fake as it is.

Previously, Labour have derided @Plaid_Cymru for demanding funding parity with Scotland. Under Labour, Scotland will get £100bn of investment. For Wales, it’s £4.3bn plus a nuclear power station we don’t want. #WheresThe60BillionForWales?…

RT @ObsrvntPheasant: Er... could someone in Welsh Labour please explain to me why an extra £3.4bn is a win when Scotland look to be getting an extra £100bn?…

RT @arya_pomsky: Barnett Formula explanation for unionists, and their sycophants in Scotland. I have £10 My next door neighbour takes it. He gives me back £4 for myself. He tells me I owe him a further £20 for a new lawn mower he bought for both of us. I don’t have a garden!

RT @CapS45: This is astonoshingly tone deaf. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been governed by whichever party wins in England for just about the entire history of universal suffrage.…