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RT @tracki2702: @normanlamb -BBCQT, totally agree with your reference to cross-party talks. A progressive way forward for political partie…

RT @JG_Conservative: "You are who you are & you will be respected for who you are & you love who you want" fair play to @normanlamb #bbcqt

RT @robmcd85: #LibDems @timfarron 'If you provide a business it is absolutely vital that you treat everyone the same...' #bbcqt #gaycake

RT @LiberalBritain: A vote for Labour will mean a Tory MP in Bath. @wera_hobhouse will stand up for our NHS #bbcqt

RT @scottwilks: "I've seen Theresa May debating with the European leaders, and she is formidable" #bbcqt

RT @ChrisTwick: Good to see @sarahwollaston acknowledge need for a cross party debate on NHS funding like @normanlamb has called for. #bbcqt

RT @NickPetre: Great from @normanlamb on the need for a progressive force to counter the Tories.Only hope for 2020.#bbcqt

RT @ChrisTwick: Cheap talk from @sajidjavid on #bbcqt. Govt happy to reveal Brexit strategy to Nissan but not to Parliament. @lisanandy @n…

Will be off Twitter for the next few hours and I'm driving to Leeds for #bbcqt

@missbanana21 I don't think #bbcqt will have me on again so quickly after the