All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @SylviaJeffreys: . @RFSCommissioner tells @TheTodayShow he wasn’t made aware of PM’s ADF commitment ahead of announcement. Shane Fitzsimmons says he was “disappointed” to hear through public announcements at the peak of the fire emergency yesterday. #BushfireEmergency

RT @7NewsWideBay: "Mr Morrison is trying to copy Donald Trump, and he's failed to even do that," - @billshortenmp has slammed the PM’s decision to recognise West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. #auspol #7News

RT @MarkDiStef: RT @MarkDiStef: The throwaway line from the PM’s election launch that made people yell at their TV……

RT @MarkDiStef: RT @MarkDiStef: In light of Hillary and her emails, it’s quite extraordinary how chill Australia is about the PM’s private email and WhatsA…

Thrown out of Parliament for highlighting the PM’s promotion & authorisation of a video attacking our farmers. @AlboMP rightly asks: “why can’t we ask the Envoy a #drought question”? #auspol #qt

The reports of @KarenMMiddleton make it pretty clear that far from winning the PM’s job because everyone else fell over, Scott Morrison was actively pushing his Liberal opponents to the ground. #auspol #libspill #chaos