All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: One MP travels in from Bath, One travels in from London. #BBCQT

RT @Michael_Heaver: Only UKIP stood against Britain's disastrous intervention in Libya #bbcqt

RT @Michael_Heaver: Watch @Nigel_Farage & Chris Grayling make the pro-Brexit case on #bbcqt later.

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: I seem to recall that Nick Clegg once described an EU Army as a dangerous fantasy that will never happen? #BBCQT https…

RT @StandUp4Brexit: If we take ‘no deal’ off the table “We may as well just hand them everything” #bbcqt #StandUp4Brexit…

RT @Michael_Heaver: Report commissioned by Labour Council shows grammar schools would "transform" working class areas. #bbcqt…

RT @paulnuttallukip: I'll be appearing on the BBC Question Time programme tonight - be sure to tune in! #bbcqt

RT @paulnuttallukip: We must bring the traffickers of human misery to book #bbcqt

RT @Michael_Heaver: Shami Chakrabarti arguing that winning less seats means victory. Diane Abbott-esque mathematics. #bbcqt

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: Remember Labour's note on how they left the country. #BBCQT