All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @WelshGasDoc: Hating Trump is not “virtue signalling”. It’s just basic human decency. #BBCQT

RT @JungleDaily: No. This behaviour isn't creepy & sexist at all. Would Davis lean in to a man like that? #bbcqt @bbcquestiontime https://t…

Tory Piers 💘 Trump Trumpets new mouth piece🎺has "known Trump for ages"! Murdoch's 'old friend' also❤ speaking over @EmilyThornberry #bbcqt

#bbcqt #mariana mazzucato analysis impressive UK capatalism CHOOSES low taxes for rich and DRAINS poor Pre-BREXIT!

Purposeful UK "systemic cruelty'.. Tory contractual ATOS culling of disabled & long term sick #bbcqt #WelshLabour #labourtogether #kenloach

RT @ProfMcGhee: No, Conrad, Trump does not keep gun lovers out of the Republican Party #bbcqt

Chris Grayling '..a hypocrict. .' #bbcqt

Tory leaders #bbcqt FUND the public services FUND Schooks + housing FUND the health service Do not BLAME immigrants 4 your strategic policy

#BBCQT have excelled themselves tonight - no Labour AM on the panel? Hamilton preaching about democracy! Please deliver me :( @UKLabourIN